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It’s not the most exciting part of a bathroom-remodelling project, but it is one of the most important parts. Choosing the right vanity can make or break your new bathroom’s look and it can also end up being in the way, rather than functional. Before you begin even looking at vanities, Sydney, consider these points.


You have to decide where the vanity is going to be installed. If you are going to put it in the same place as your previous vanity, then it’s an easy decision. However, if you are considering relocating the vanity entirely, keep in mind that you will need to place it in a spot that doesn’t inhibit the flow of the bathroom. That is, it must be easily accessible, but not in the way, especially if more than one person (say, your kids shared bathroom) might be using the bathroom to get ready for the day at the same time.


Once you know where you are going to install the vanity, size the area. It shouldn’t stick out too far, and it can’t be too long. But you must make sure that it’s big enough to serve its intended purpose. Measure carefully because you have to get it right the first time.


Once the vanity’s location and size are accounted for, consider storage. Even if you can only purchase a small vanity do to its placement, there are many vanities that are small but allow for maximum storage. Manufacturers are well aware that living spaces are getting smaller so they are accommodating for that with creativity. So, just because you have to think small doesn’t mean you will be short on storage


Who will be using the vanity? If you must get a small vanity but you are tall, for example, consider getting one on legs, or one that can be raised and mounted on the wall. This is critical. After all, who wants to bend down too far or stand on their tiptoes just to brush their teeth?

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