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Are you fed up with your pale or pasty bathroom tiles? Do you find your bathroom fixtures old, boring and obsolete? Do you wish you had a sparkling luxury spa feel in your very own bathroom? Read on to find out some easy tips and tricks to help you carry out Bathroom renovations in Sydney to revamp your scruffy old bathroom into a plush sanctuary:

Put Away Cost; Not Creativity

When you plan to revamp your old bathroom to make it a safe haven for refreshment and ease off, you cannot expect a dreamland by flittering away a lot of money. What you actually need is a creative mind, skilful labour and modern, state-of-the-art bathroom supplies. Put in a lot of effort in choosing the theme and the design; make appropriate changes for best space utilization and make small, but visible changes. If you plan to rip off the entire flooring or the wall tiles while getting your bathroom renovations in Sydney, just to change the design or the colour scheme, it’s better to keep them intact, but change your bathroom fixtures like the pedestals and basin, the toilets and bidets, taps, shower heads and rails, shower cabinets and sometimes mirrors too. Your pale tiles will anyway come alive with a bleach wash!

Add a dash of colour, not the entire backdrop!

Coloured flooring or wall tiles might not be as appealing as a solid colour bath fittings can be. Think of a bright and vivid bath tub to soothe you, relax you, rejuvenate you, instead of the tiresome fluorescent walls that you might get bored with in some time. Prefer to keep your walls and floors white or grey but have colourful fixtures, brilliant coloured towels and place some vibrant candles near the bath. That does all the magic for bathroom renovations in Sydney!

Effective Space Usage

The bathroom doesn’t necessarily need to be huge! A small, but well-organized bathroom is all you actually need for a refreshing bath. When you are getting your bathroom renovations in Sydney, you can install corner vanity units or semi-recessed vanity, shaving cabinets with mirrors, and sleek bathroom accessories like double tumble tooth brush cup holders, cubic toilet rolls and cubic glass shelf to store all your toiletries.

Getting the Right Light

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the right mood in your washroom. When you are getting done your bathroom renovations in Sydney, put extra emphasis on the light you choose. Whether you choose a yellow light or white completely depends on your personal preference, but make sure your light above the mirror is bright enough for shaving, plucking, applying makeup and for you to take notice of fine lines.

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